Mrs Kayla Grunfeld
Endorsing Rav: R Yakov Wreschner Specialities: Rebbetzin Miriam Cohen brings the timeless teachings of Chassidus to life, ensuring that each Kallah is well-prepared for a meaningful and spiritually enriching marriage within the Chabad-Lubavitch tradition.
Training:I trained with Mrs Mati Angel and Mrs Yocheved Weisz here in Manchester and also took a course in eretz yisroel by Mrs Matel Kotkes and Rebbetzin Gruner.

Rebbetzin Miriam Cohen is a seasoned Chassidic Kallah teacher with a wealth of experience in nurturing the spiritual and emotional growth of Kallahs within the Chabad-Lubavitch community. Growing up immersed in the rich traditions of Chassidic life,  Rebbetzin Cohen developed a profound connection to the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov and the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Under the guidance of her revered mentors, Rebbetzin Cohen has dedicated herself to imparting the timeless wisdom of Chassidus to young brides. Her warm and compassionate demeanor, coupled with her deep understanding of Chassidic philosophy, makes her a beloved figure among her students.

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Mrs Rivka Friedman
Endorsing Rav: Rabbi Moshe Levinson Specialities: Mrs. Rivka Friedman is a highly regarded Kallah teacher, known for her deep commitment to the study of Torah and the application of halacha in everyday life. Raised in a community that values the meticulous study of Talmud and adherence to halachic principles.
Training: Shira Francis Advanced Kallah Teacher Training - 2020

Endorsing Rav: Rabbi Yitzchok Weiss

Specialities: Specialising in the unique customs and traditions of the Belz Chassidic community, Mrs. Klein offers comprehensive classes on the Halachos and Minhagim related to marriage. Her teachings encompass the meticulous observance of Belz customs, including wedding rituals, family traditions, and the spiritual significance of the Chassidic way of life.

Training: Belzer Teachers’ Seminary in Jerusalem – 2009

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Mrs Chaya Klein
Endorsing Rav: Rabbi Yitzchok Weiss Specialities: Mrs Chaya Klein specialises in providing well-rounded Kallah classes that address both the timeless halachic aspects of marriage and the practical challenges faced by modern couples. Her classes cover a range of topics, including family purity laws, communication skills, and building a strong foundation for a harmonious home.
Training: NISHMAS Taharas Hamishpacha - 2023

Mrs Rachel Cohen is a dedicated Kallah teacher with a passion for blending traditional Jewish teachings with a modern approach to marriage. Growing up in a diverse Jewish community, she developed a love for Torah and a commitment to helping brides navigate the complexities of married life.

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