About the fertility podcast

The Fertility Podcast was launched in 2014, by Natalie Silverman, a professional radio presenter , and voiceover artist. Once successfully pregnant after fertility treatment, Natalie decided to create a podcast as a dedicated British voice to fertility issues, having found predominately American content available . Published weekly, The Fertility Podcast has released over 220 episodes and has a global audience with over 300,000 downloads to date. It is available on iTunes Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, Spreaker and Acast, Amazon Alexa and Google Home Speaker . Natalie has one clear mission with her content, to educate and empower men and women about their fertility.

As digital content becomes more and more popular, The Fertility Podcast has seen its loyal audience grow both in listeners and its online community. With an ever growing facebook, twitter and instagram following it continues to speak to leading fertility experts around the world as well as sharing real stories of those still trying to start a family and others who have completed theirs or have decided to live a life involuntarily childless.

Having gone through ICSI to have her first child, and witnessed first hand how male infertility affected her husband, Natalie is keen to raise awareness of Male Infertility issues and has dedicated episodes taking to male fertility experts, those working in research areas and running support groups such as male only Facebook groups to the Klinefelters Syndrome Association. In January 2018, Natalie launched her closed Facebook group ‘Talk Fertility’ which already has over 250 members along with previous guests from the podcast, acting as admins to help field questions.

Since launching The Fertility Podcast has visited clinics around the UK to give an impartial insight into how it would be for a potential patient to visit the clinic, Natalie has hosted panel discussions at numerous industry events and The Fertility Podcast is highly regarded within the industry.

On World Fertility Day 2018, Natalie was part of a BBC World Service documentary about the rise of Global Infertility, as well as speaking BBC National radio, being featured in The Times newspaper, Grazia, You Magazine, Fertility Road and IVF Babble. Natalie writes for for the British Journal of Infertility Counsellors, Huffington Post and Selfish Mother. Natalie is also a partner of Fertility Network UK, host of the Let’s Talk Fertility Stage at The Fertility Show and the podcaster in residence at Fertility Fest. She works within the fertility industry to create engaging audio content having so far produced episodes for the HFEA, Surrogacy UK, Ovusense, The Fertility Show and Fertility Fest with lots more in the pipeline

You can subscribe to the podcast at www.thefertilitypodcast.com and follow Natalie on Instagram and twitter @fertilitypoddy or join the closed facebook group ‘talk fertility’ today.

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